Warm White vs Cool White

Let’s get technical, the terms warm white and cool white refer to the high and low end of the white light colour spectrum.

Warm white casts a yellow hue and is most often used in the home it’s a comforting, tranquil and welcoming light. Use on a green tree with traditional Christmas colours like red, green and gold. Also a popular choice for decorating the Christmas table, warm white adds a cosy glow more like that of a traditional wax candle flame.


Gold tree with warm white lights. Miss Haberdash Christmas, 2016


Warm white lights, Miss Haberdash Christmas, 2016


Bell jars filled with warm white copper lights, Miss Haberdash Christmas, 2016

In contrast cool white leaves a blue hue and adds a bright, fresh and clinical glow. Most effective for outdoor decorating. Cool white goes well with shades of blue, grey and silver it looks terrific on a white tree and adds a brilliance that’s hard to match.


Cool white cluster lights on a flocked tree, Miss Haberdash Christmas, 2016


Cool white copper lights with silver baubles in a table decoration, Miss Haberdash Christmas, 2016


Fantastic display using warm and cool white lights, Miss Haberdash Christmas, 2016

Remember there are no rules. Lately it’s become very popular to see warm white lights in a flocked or white tree a look I particularly like. An instant update if your tired of the same style year after year but want to keep the same Christmas tree.


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