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  • Christmas Elves

    Christmas Window 2017

    It’s always a challenge to dress the Christmas window, especially in May! (when I started). At Christmas Elves I try to showcase our amazing products whilst creating a visually interesting and…

  • Christmas Elves

    Traditional Tree

    Our first Christmas tree has to be a real show stopper. This year is no different I’ve gone for a more traditional colour scheme and used red, gold and green the…

  • Interior Style

    Flocked Christmas Trees

    Flocking describes the process of depositing small fiber particles onto a surface to create texture. A flocked Christmas tree is usually covered with white spray that simulates snow. Nowadays flocked Christmas trees come in all shapes and…

  • Lighting Outdoor Decorating


    For outdoor decorating LED rope lights rule. They’re flexible, longlasting, and energy efficient. Available in a wide range of colours they often come with function settings, so you can twinkle, fade or…

  • Lighting

    Warm White vs Cool White

    Let’s get technical, the terms warm white and cool white refer to the high and low end of the white light colour spectrum. Warm white casts a yellow hue and is most often…

  • Interior Style

    The Cloche

    I thought the cloche (bell shaped glass cover) might be a passing fad but come 2016 this trend is still going strong. Originally a piece of scientific equipment the bell jar…