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Flocked Christmas Trees

Flocking describes the process of depositing small fiber particles onto a surface to create texture. A flocked Christmas tree is usually covered with white spray that simulates snow.

Photo, Miss Haberdash Christmas, 2017

Nowadays flocked Christmas trees come in all shapes and sizes. Depending on the brand the flocking may vary from a light coverage of white powder to a heavy coating of white texture.

Photo, Miss Haberdash Christmas, 2017.

If you’re a purist then decorating any snowy tree in the middle of a hot Australian summer can be a stretch, but, if you’re after a fairytale European Christmas a flocked tree looks perfect. Decorating a flocked tree requires little effort. Once the lights are added most of your work is done, you can get away with minimal decorations as this tree has a textured “look” that already appears finished. On trend looks like pale pink with metallics can be particularly effective while red and silver is also a stunning combination on a flocked tree.

Photo, Miss Haberdash Christmas, 2017.

Photo, Miss Haberdash Christmas, 2017.

Photo, Miss Haberdash Christmas, 2017.

Miss Haberdash Hints:

  •  Pre-lit flocked trees are readily available but expect to pay more.
  • Some of the white powder will shed, how much really depends on the variety of tree. I find a quick clean up around the tree base after you’ve decorated is usually sufficient.
  • White trees of any variety will discolour and a flocked tree placed in direct sunlight will eventually yellow.
  • A store bought flocked tree will contain a fire retardant and should not be hazardous to pets. If you suffer from dust allergies take precautions when you set the tree up as the flocking will shed.
  • Yes, you can flock your old green Christmas tree. There are loads of youtube videos to guide you but beware it’s messy!

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