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November 2016

  • Christmas Elves

    The Secret Garden

    “The secret garden is filled with abundance. Floral blooms in pastel shades fill the tree whilst birds and butterflies hover above. A trellis made from satin ribbon criss crosses the tree…

  • Decorating Tips

    How to choose a Christmas tree

    Choosing your perfect Christmas tree can be quite a big decision. Like most household purchases if you want a long lasting, quality product be prepared to do your homework, here are a few tips: Try to view…

  • Interior Style


    The current fashion for floristry in Christmas decorating has never been more popular, and it’s not all about the poinsettia! These days artificial flowers and plants can look incredibly lifelike. In keeping…

  • Christmas Elves

    A Christmas Romance

    Bouquets of scarlet poinsettia sparkle with silver jewels. Framed by lush velvet ribbon and frosted crystal sprays. White lights glitter in a flocked tree decorated with red, white and silver baubles.…

  • Christmas Elves

    Christmas Villages

    At Christmas Elves we’ve created a tiered Christmas tree to display our Christmas village collections. The finished tree functions really well keeping small hands at bay and allowing customers to view and…