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  • Christmas Elves

    Christmas Window 2019

    Well, not exactly the Christmas window, after all it’s only April! but this version is the first for 2019. This year my inspiration was a luxury ‘Winter Wonderland’ using white, gold…

  • Christmas Elves

    Christmas Window 2017

    It’s always a challenge to dress the Christmas window, especially in May! (when I started). At Christmas Elves I try to showcase our amazing products whilst creating a visually interesting and…

  • Christmas Elves

    Into the Woods

    A carpet of green moss is strewn with toadstools and pinecones. Tree trunks stand tall and woodland animals come out to play. Rustic colours mingle with pops of bright red and…

  • Christmas Elves

    Woodland Wonder

    This year my favourite themed tree is Woodland Wonder. This was so much fun to put together and really matches my original concept (not always the case!). I started by removing branches from…