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Natural Chandeliers

A chandelier adds grandeur to any room. It creates drama, romance and sparkle. This year a key Christmas decorating trend is a return to basics. This means decorating with nature, using found materials such as twigs, branches and pinecones. A chandelier with simple rustic charm. These examples from Christmas World show how it’s done.

Pink and Silver chandelier Pine chandelier

Metal hoops are suspended one above the other. Then pine sprigs, baubles and lights are secured to the hoop. These chandeliers (below) by Inge Glas of Germany are magnificent and my favourite chandeliers of 2016 they perfectly illustrate the industrial/rustic theme.

Hay chandelier Black and white chandelier

It’s not hard to recreate this look at home, perhaps on a smaller scale. Simply wrap copper LED lights around twigs or branches and hang from a green wreath or suspend branches over a Christmas table.

Miss Haberdash Hints: To make your own Christmas chandelier use a plain green wreath and buy a metal chain from a hardware shop (these are used to suspend hanging flower baskets). Attach the chain to the back of  a green wreath, even better if your wreath has a metal frame. It’s easier to decorate if you hang the wreath first then you can see where to position product. When completed hang your decorated wreath from a ceiling hook.

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