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  • Christmas Elves

    Australian Story

    This year we celebrate an Australian Story inspired by the beauty of the Australian Bush. In shades of blue/green and grey the eucalypts and gum trees predominate. Flashes of brilliant colour…

  • Trends 2019

    Christmas Trends 2019

    After the excitement of the international trade shows the business of selecting new Christmas product for the store begins. Every year new trends emerge and this year we saw several themes…

  • Christmas Elves

    Christmas Villages

    At Christmas Elves we’ve created a tiered Christmas tree to display our Christmas village collections. The finished tree functions really well keeping small hands at bay and allowing customers to view and…

  • Christmas Elves

    Christmas Carollers

    Resplendent in red and green, Christmas Carollers bring together memories of Christmas past. Traditional vintage themes and floral accents take centre stage. Christmas Carollers is a traditional Christmas tree decorated with…